Before we start... "we", "us", "I", "network","the network", "net", "Jacob Sammon", "JBSN" all mean Jacob Sammon.

I am a massive advocate for privacy. I have taken personal steps in my own life to try and move away from services that are known for their lack of regard, or bad reputation regarding, privacy - this includes: moving from Gmail to a custom system, switching from Windows to Ubuntu, and making constant General Data Protection Regulation requests.

I take your privacy extremely seriously. The vast majority of sites on my network use SSL, meaning the data between your device and my server is protected with military grade encryption. I store all passwords in hashes, within super-secure SQL databased, locked behind passwords generated by Lastpass that are over 99 characters and are a random mix of letters, numbers, and characters.

I am a supporter of General Data Protection Regulations, and find it most regrettable that the United Kingdom government intend to repeal and replace them within Great Britain. I make responding to privacy related emails an absolute priority, weather you are from the EU or US, Russia or South Africa.

Regrettably, many countries do not have data protection legislation, and it is weak for many other countries. To my knowledge, the highest standard of Data Protection comes from the European Union, so I aim to stick by GDPR regardless of your country.